Here is Why Fashion Industry Needs To Address The Problem Of Plus Size Clothing

abril 02, 2019 2 min read

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Here is Why Fashion Industry Needs To Address The Problem Of Plus Size Clothing
Are you a plus-sized woman who is frustrated with discriminative behavior from the fashion industry and apparel retailers? We feel the same way and we fully support you. 
It is really infuriating that the fashion industry and apparel retailers treat plus-size women as an anomaly. Have you ever wondered why most designers and online apparel stores focus only on catering to anyone who wears below size 12? Believe it or not, this is fat shaming as the average American woman wears a size 14. 
There are passive discrimination and hurtful discrimination against women who do not fit into a sample size. It won’t be wrong to say that these online apparel stores and fashion designers are saying that:
“You can’t buy from us because we don’t have the clothes that fit your size.” 
It is absurd and yet there are very few designers and online stores doing something to cater to the clothing needs of plus-size women. 
Problem Is That Retailers Are Not Embracing Plus Sizes
If we just look at America, we’ll find out that there are over 67% of adult women that wear a size of 14 or larger. However, the plus-sized apparel is generating a tiny proportion as compared to the rest of the apparel industry. 
“When you give plus-sized women fewer opportunities to spend their money, how can you expect them to buy clothes?” 
It has been found out that most retailers have this “belief” that straight-sized women spend more than plus-sized women. However, it is not true at all. How can apparel retailers expect from plus-sized customers to buy if there are far less clothing options to choose from. 
If you compare dedicated plus-sized retailers to fast-fashion stores, one can see a quite different story. There are many famous brands that have stores all over America, UK, Asia, and the Middle East. Women that wear 0-10 size can easily buy apparel products from the stores of famous brands and there are limited options for plus-size women.
The Solution To The Problem
Although there has been slow progress, there is no denying that the plus-size retail market has started to flourish. There are many stores that specifically cater to the apparel needs of plus-sized women. Yet, there is still a lot to be done for the plus-size fashion market. There are many startups that aren’t addressing the issue, but it is really encouraging that there are other startups that have appeared on the fashion & apparel market with a dedicated approach to find a solution for apple body shaped outfits. We can hope that more plus size online stores start to appear on the market scene.

What Allinacinnamon Store Is Doing? 
Our plus size online store is dedicated to all those plus-size women who are tired of the passive and hurtful discrimination by the fashion designers and apparel retailers. With our vast collection of plus size clothing and affordable prices, it is our mission to ensure that our customers enjoy online shopping without feeling uncomfortable. You can check out our collection to find amazing apparel products. Have fun! 

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